The Clone Wars Roundtable

Date recorded

October 26, 2010

Date released

October 28, 2010



TCW episode(s)

Season 3 Episode 7 - "Assassin"


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Clone Wars Roundtable: 306 - The Academy

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Clone Wars Roundtable: 308 - Evil Plans



  • How this episode was influenced most of all by Star Wars
  • Parallels between Anakin and Ahsoka
  • The use of classic Star Wars musical themes in the episode
  • Re-stating that "character growth is impossible without proper chronology"
  • The "closeness" between Ahsoka and Padmé
  • The poetry of Padmé going to Alderaan
  • The showdown at the end of the episode
  • Tying up loose ends

Significant quotesEdit

  • "This show is at it's best when it's about character, not when it's about plot." - Kyle Newman
  • "Yoda seems to be better with kids than with adults." - Grant Gould
  • "Go buy the Season 2 box set." - Jamie King
  • "I really think this episode could have been a two parter." - Jason Swank
  • "I think, through Ahsoka. we are going to learn what the force really is." - Jimmy Mac
  • "Nute Gunray, not in this episode!" - Jimmy Mac (speaking in Ziro the Hutt voice)
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