The Clone Wars Roundtable

Date recorded

November 16, 2010

Date released

November 18, 2010



TCW episode(s)

Season 3 Episode 9 - "Hunt for Ziro"


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  • Tom discusses a few of his problems with the episode (DJ, The Hutt council, Momma the Hutt)
  • The musical number scene and the Hutt council environment
  • Can The Clone Wars go too over the top?
  • Why do we accept Ziro in the Star Wars Universe, despite his strangeness?
  • The new looks of the characters in the episodes to come
  • What Ziro's voice sounds like
  • Cad Bane and Quinlan Vos' "history"
  • The character of Quinlan Vos
  • The character of Cad Bane
  • Ziro's death
  • Ziro and Snoodles love child drawing
  • Tying up lose ends

Significant quotesEdit

  • "I've got to be honest, this episode didn't do it for me. " - Tom Hodges
  • "I'm not used to Star Wars being in pop culture, not pop culture being in Star Wars. " - Jason Swank
  • "I believe he [Quinlan Vos] was too laid back." - Tom Hodges
  • "This is the job for Cad Bane that never ends." - Jason Swank
  • "He [Quinlan Vos] could be the Clone Wars equivelant of Han Solo." - Tom Hodges
  • "He [Cad Bane] appreciated the irony" - Jimmy Mac
  • "I want to see Aurra Sing and Cad Bane break Boba Fett out." - Tom Hodges
  • "If the Clone Wars did nothing else, Cad Bane would be the best thing" - Jason Swank
  • "She [Sy Snoodles] is the Phil Spector of the Clone Wars" - Tom Hodges
  • "If you kill Jar Jar it's like killing Bugs Bunny" - Jimmy Mac
  • "Secrets Revealed...We all thought we knew what Ziro was..." - Jason Swank
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