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May 14, 2013

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May 17, 2013




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For many of us, Star Wars created a love of science fiction, though we've suffered an "us versus them" rivalry with Star Trek over the decades. With Abrams at the helm of both franchises, can we finally bury that hatchet? Also, will Abrams cause creative overlap between the two franchises, or will he be able to maintain a distinct vision for each? Christian Blauvelt from joins us to discuss what this means for Star Wars fans. Also, Episode VII filming in the U.K., some interesting Lucasfilm domain name registrations, and more!


  • Christian Blauvelt (

Show notes[]

  • Discussion Segment
    • Star Trek Into Darkness is out this weekend. What does it mean for Star Wars?'s Christian Blauvelt joins us to discuss.
    • Eric and Christian are the co-hosts of a new Google Hangouts series for called "Get Thee to the Geek." Check out their Star Trek movie rankings in their first show.

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