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September 17, 2014

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September 19, 2014




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J.J. Abrams shows us Star Wars: Episode VII's Millennium Falcon, a rumor may have told us Luke's whereabouts, and everyone and their mother wants a cameo in the movie. Plus, we go in-depth with our analysis of the film's "first pixel" and we discuss why you shouldn't trust Tumblr. Strap in for the jump to hyperspace, because it's time for The ForceCast!


Show notesEdit

  • The HoloNet
    • J.J. Abrams Tweets Video Of The Millennium Falcon
    • This Is Infamous has an update to the long-standing question of where Luke is at the beginning of Episode VII.
    • A girl on Tumblr posted that her boyfriend is playing a "rebel fighter" in Episode VII and that Harrison Ford would be on set for some of the scenes.
    • Someone tweeted that he drove past a group of actors' trailers on their way to a film set and that one of them said "Kira stunt double."
    • Making Star Wars shares a leaked image of a LEGO "shadow troopers" set and reports some information.
    • Making Star Wars saved a photo from a deleted tweet showing a second X-wing that's black.
    • Latino Review says that the black X-wing "belongs to one of our leads." They also say that there's a big action scene with the X-wings and that there are four supporting characters who will fly X-wings.
    • says that Daniel Craig was at Pinewood for two days filming a role in Episode VII, but his face won't be on screen.
    • The Sun also reports that Robert Downey, Jr., Hugh Jackman, Nick Frost, and Samuel L. Jackson visited the set to film cameos.
    • A report from the website Clickhole shows us the first pixel from Star Wars: Episode VII.
  • Discussion
    • Eric talks to Christian Blauvelt about the question of Episode VII set privacy and spoiling surprises.
  • Fan Focus
  • The Comlink
    • We read an email from Adam in Australia who wanted to let us know about his Star Wars documentary, My SagaHere's his Kickstarter.

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