The ForceCast has a group of subforums hosted on the Rebelscum forums. These forums are designed as an outlet for ForceCast fans to communicate with each other and the podcast's team members. Registration is required for participation in forum discussion.

Before it received its own section in the forum hierarchy, there was a running joke about The ForceCast still being in the miscellaneous section.

Currently, there are six subforums.

The ForceCastEdit

This subforum contains threads to discuss each episode of the flagship program. It also contains threads where listeners can give feedback, offer content suggestions, and discuss the ForceCast mobile apps. The ForceCast's Eric Geller also maintains an episode index on this subforum.

Jedi JournalsEdit

This is where listeners can discuss the network's Star Wars literature program.

ForceCast SpecialsEdit

This subforum contains threads for special episodes, including convention coverage and other event reports.

The IndyCastEdit

This subforum contains discussions for each episode of The IndyCast, as well as other Indiana Jones-related threads.

The Clone Wars & Rebels RoundtablesEdit

This subforum is the place to discuss The Clone Wars Roundtable and The Rebels Roundtable episodes, as well as anything else related to Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

Sabacc TableEdit

This subforum is for discussion of The ForceCast's gaming show.

Listener LoungeEdit

This subforum is the place for all other Star Wars-related discussions, including conversations about current events in Star Wars fandom.

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