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James Burns is a British Star Wars fan who runs the U.K. website Burns has reported from numerous conventions, including Celebration V in 2010, Fan Days III in 2009, and Celebration Europe in 2007. He has also covered the UK Toy Fair for the past seven years. He lives in London with his wife and children.

In his role as a freelance contributor to Star Wars Insider, James has interviewed David Iskra, Kenny Baker, Matt Wood, David Acord and Hugh Quarshie. To date, Burns has contributed to eight issues of Insider:

  • Star Wars Insider #110, June 2009: an article on Star Wars A Musical Journey.
  • Star Wars Insider #111, September 2009: an interview with Kenny Baker.
  • Star Wars Insider #112, October 2009: an interview with David Iskra
  • Star Wars Insider #116, February 2010: interviews with Matt Wood, Dee Bradley Baker, and Catherine Taber.
  • Star Wars Insider #117, May/June 2010: an interview with David Acord
  • Star Wars Insider #118, June 2010: an interview with Hugh Quarshie
  • Star Wars Insider #119, July 2010: assorted interviews with ESB cast and crew.
  • Star Wars Insider #130, January 2012: co-authored, with Mark Newbold, the My Star Wars interview with Catherine Taber.

Burns also had his Kenny Baker interview from issue #111 and Catherine Taber interview from issue #116 reprinted in the 2012 Insider Special Edition and a photo of Burns was featured in the Mark Newbold-authored piece focusing on the 2006 Artoo Awards in Star Wars Insider #90 dated September 2006.

From 2011 to 2012, Burns co-hosted The ForceCast: Collector's Edition with Rebelscum's Dan Curto. The two of them occasionally interviewed prominent Star Wars personalities about their collections in a mini-series called The ForceCast Collector's Edition Spotlight. Guests included Jimmy Mac, Derryl DePriest, and Kyle Newman.

Burns and Curto covered the 2011 International Toy Fair in New York City with several episodes of the Collector's Edition.

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