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James Barrett "Jimmy Mac" McInerney was the co-host of The Weekly ForceCast and the host of A Galaxy of Music until his departure from the network in late 2012. He was also the producer of all ForceCast programs.

McInerney was well known for his response on The ForceCast to film critic Roger Ebert's review of Fanboys, which was notoriously critical of Star Wars fandom in general. McInerney ended his response with the now-famous line "Star Wars is forever and you can suck it!" which quickly became a rallying cry for fans. His run-ins with comic book artist Howard Chaykin and Star Wars actor Richard LeParmentier were among other notable ForceCast moments.

In addition to searching for new material for the Billy Dee Quote of the Week, McInerney also answered burning questions about the Star Wars saga in an occasional segment called The Jimmy Mac Investigative Report. He also did impressions of Star Wars personalities and characters, including the late TESB director Irvin Kershner and The Clone Wars villains Dr. Vindi and Ziro the Hutt.

McInerney works as the Production Director for the Chicago-area radio station 95.9 The River. He lives in Chicago with his wife Wendy and two sons, Michael and Dylan.


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