The Outrageous Unthinkable Story of the Week was a segment on The Weekly ForceCast.

When former hosts Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac found a Star Wars story that seemed too absurd or humorous to use in the Headline News segment of The Weekly ForceCast, they discussed it during this portion of the show. The segment featured a musical intro combining EMF's song "Unbelievable" with Sio Bibble's line "It's unthinkable!" from The Phantom Menace.

"Outrageous Unthinkable stories" often came from events, usually crimes, occurring in the U.K. Previous stories have included: management troubles at the Jedi Church of Wales; a drunk man in the U.K. who dressed up in a trashbag and swung a weapon at two Jedi Church members while screaming "Darth Vader!"; a man wearing a Vader mask who robbed a bank; and a man who screams like Chewbacca when tasered.

Jimmy usually employed an exaggerated Cockney British accent to act out scenes from Outrageous Unthinkable stories set in the U.K.


This bumper uses part of the EMF song "Unbelievable" and replaces the titular word with a quote of Sio Bibble saying, "It's unthinkable!" File:OutrageousUnthinkable Intro.ogg

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