Jason Swank cannot remember life without Star Wars. Born in August 1977, his love of the galaxy far, far began as a result of growing up with an older brother and three older cousins who were all obsessed with the movies--especially the toys. While the four of them eventually grew out of their Star Wars obsession, Jason never did. He was in college (The Ohio State University, '96-'00) when he first discovered the world of online Star Wars fandom. Sites such as TheForce.Net and deepened his passion for the Star Wars franchise and helped build his excitement for the Special Edition and Prequel releases. When the opportunity arose to host a podcast associated with these legendary fansites, he jumped at it. Jason began co-hosting The Weekly ForceCast in September 2006 with fellow co-host and friend Pete Nadel. Shortly threafter radio veteran Jimmy "Mac" McInerney came on board as show Producer. When Pete left the show in the fall of 2008, Jimmy stepped in as full time co-host. When not in front of the mic, Jason is in the field of Marketing and Public Relations and lives with his wife Debra and daughter Bailey in Canton, Ohio.

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