The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

December 20, 2011

Date released

December 23, 2011




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Oh by gosh by golly, it's time for mistletoe and holly... and the ForceCast's annual Holiday Special with special guest co-host James Arnold Taylor. This year, we welcome Prequel Trilogy Stunt Coordinator and swordmaster Nick Gillard, and sound man David Collins with a rare piece of Star Wars history. So grab the 'nog, find a spot near the fire, and enjoy the Holidays--ForceCast style.


  • James Arnold Taylor
  • Nick Gillard (PT stunt coordinator)
  • David Collins


  • Holiday guest host James Arnold Taylor plays a recording he made of The Clone Wars cast performing "The 12 Days of Clone Wars." The performance features Taylor, Catherine Taber (Padme), Matthew Wood (Grievous), T.C. Carson (Mace), Matt Lanter (Anakin), and Nika Futterman (in this case, Sy Snootles) voicing their characters from the show.
  • Star Wars in Pop Culture
    • Glee's Christmas episode featured references to Star Wars, most notably The Star Wars Holiday Special.
  • Billy Dee Quote of the Week
    • As is holiday tradition on The ForceCast, the quote is the famous "How sexy is your sexiness" clip from Billy Dee's performance as "Black Santa."
  • Jason and Jimmy talk to Nick Gillard about his work as the stunt coordinator on the Prequel movies, as well as his upcoming Saber Master Class in Los Angeles next month.
  • David Collins, formerly of LucasArts and now at Sony's Playstation unit, calls in and presents a song he recorded based on The Holiday Special. In the song, he plays Han Solo. He considers it a moment that could have been on the cutting room floor during post-production on The Holiday Special. (Jason wonders if the editors of the TV special deemed anything unfit for inclusion.)

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