The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

December 8, 2010

Date released

December 10, 2010




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Weekly ForceCast: November 12, 2010

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Weekly ForceCast: January 14, 2011


  • Ashley Eckstein
  • Carrie Goldman (mother of "Katie the Star Wars Girl")
  • Tom Kane
  • Lynn Hale (Lucasfilm Ltd.)


  • Bullying and how to prevent it
  • Jimmy Mac's report from The Clone Wars Savage Opress screening in Chicago
  • A tribute to the late Irvin Kershner: reflections on Kersh from the ForceCast interview archive

Live Show GiveawayEdit

  • The Force Among Us director Cris Macht gave the show three copies of his movie. Jason and Jimmy gave away the DVDs to three randomly selected live show viewers who had tweeted with the terms @forcecast and "The Force Among Us" in their message.
    • Winners:
      • "@forcecast [sic] is AWESOME!" - @RichBrendle1
      • "A great fan documentary!! RT @dancurto: @Forcecast get The Force Among Us now!" - @darthBLU3
      • "@forcecast I love the Force and I hope to win the Force Among Us! May the Force be with you always!" - @SWU_DarthMax

Significant quotesEdit

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