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Date recorded

December 4, 2012

Date released

December 7, 2012




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This week we go behind the scenes of the new Star Wars radio drama Smuggler's Gambit, now available at Listen as writer/director Kyle Newman, co-writer F.J. DeSanto and our own Jimmy Mac describe the creative process of bringing an original Star Wars story to life through sound in front of a live audience. Plus, new Billy Dee, Sequel Trilogy rumor round up, and we get "angry" at Cancer with a t-shirt giveaway. All that and much, much more on your Weekly ForceCast.



  • Jason and Jimmy talk to Kyle Newman and F.J. DeSanto about their original Star Wars audio drama "Smuggler's Gambit." They also play the complete Q&A from the live performance at Celebration VI.
  • Jimmy picks the four winners of The ForceCast's Mark Ecko Star Wars giveaway.
  • Jason and Jimmy discuss the Stand Up To Cancer project and the collection of Angry Birds Star Wars products benefiting the cause. Jimmy announces a new giveaway of an Angry Birds Star Wars t-shirt. Listeners must email the show with the correct answer to a trivia question posed on-air. The first person to answer correctly wins the t-shirt.
  • Jimmy reads from an email they received about a fundraiser for a young Star Wars fan who has Meyer Gorlin Syndrome.
  • Jason and Jimmy talk about Star Wars baby names after receiving listener feedback about last week's baby name discussion.
  • The Billy Dee Quote of the Week
    • Williams recently appeared on the Comedy Central series Key and Peele.
  • Headline News
    • George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy discussed the lessons of Star Wars and why it's so popular in the fourth installment of their "Future of Star Wars" video series.
    • Disney chairman Alan Horn discussed Lucasfilm and Star Wars with New York magazine's Vulture blog.
    • Federal regulators approved Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm.
    • With the news that David Fincher is interested in directing Star Wars Episode VII, Jason and Jimmy discuss the list of other directors still in the running. Jimmy still believes that Matthew Vaughn will direct, while Jason goes on record predicting Jon Favreau.
    • Netflix won the exclusive digital distribution rights to all of Disney's content beginning in 2016. Starz holds the license until then. With Disney acquiring Lucasfilm, will Netflix offer the Star Wars movies and older TV shows online? Jason expects that this will happen, and he anticipates that Disney will acquire the distribution rights for the first six films from 20th Century Fox.
    • Corey Feldman wants to play Han Solo's son in the new Star Wars movies.
    • Ewan McGregor said that he would be open to returning to Star Wars.
    • Original Trilogy makeup artist Rick Baker told The Hollywood Reporter that he's interested in working on the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy.

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