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January 24, 2012

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January 27, 2012




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George Lucas opens up on Oprah, Wars vs Trek continues, and Duchess Satine actress Anna Graves joins us in the Cantina. Plus, listeners sound off on our analysis of the notorious G.L.'s retirement announcement from last week.


  • Anna Graves (The Clone Wars Duchess Satine voice actress)


  • Jason and Jimmy talk to voice actress Anna Graves, who plays Duchess Satine on The Clone Wars.
  • Billy Dee Quote of the Week
    • This week's quote is the Lando Calrissian line, "You've got a lotta guts coming here after what you pulled!"
  • Headline News
    • James Arnold Taylor is taking his one-man show, "Talking to Myself," to Ireland for their "Invasion" convention.
    • The Seattle premiere of Hughes The Force is taking place this weekend. Members of the cast, as well as producer Ruark Dreher, will be attending.
    • Jimmy shares his thoughts on the Oprah's Next Chapter episode set at Skywalker Ranch. The episode, which aired last Sunday, featured George Lucas, girlfriend Mellody Hobson, and the cast of Red Tails. Jason plays a few clips from the episode and the two hosts discuss each one. These bits include: Lucas talking about creative control; Lucas saying he didn't get to experience "the phenomenon" of Star Wars as its creator; and Lucas' relationship with Mellody.
    • Jason and Jimmy read through an interview that Collider did with Star Wars producer Rick McCallum. Jason reads the questions from the interviewer and Jimmy read's McCallum's responses. The conversation ranges from TPM 3D to the mythical release of the unaltered OT. McCallum says that he personally would like to see Lucasfilm commercially release the original cuts of the first three films. However, he cautions that it's Lucas' decision and that his mind seems to be made up on the subject.
    • Jimmy presents his review of Red Tails, which he saw over the weekend. He discusses Jaime King's cameo, the film's depiction of racism, and more. He recommends supporting Lucas, Lucasfilm, and Red Tails by going to see the movie.
    • The Star feud between William Shatner and Carrie Fisher continued even after George Takei attempted to step in and unite the two fandoms. Jason reminds listeners of the ongoing drama by playing highlights from the celebrities' arguments. After playing a clip from Takei's peace-brokering video, Jason says that Shatner refused to accept Takei's offer.
  • Jason and Jimmy read feedback from their audience regarding Lucas' retirement and the renewed discussion of GL-bashing on last week's show.

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