The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

July 3, 2007

Date released

July 1, 2007




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Weekly ForceCast: June 22, 2007

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Weekly ForceCast: July 13, 2007


  • Paul Gallant, Jason Ellis, Stanley Parey, and Thomas Orasinski win tickets to Celebration Europe from
  • Mike Barrick hosts a contest to help draw people to the ForceCast message boards.
  • The Robot Chicken Star Wars Special attracted over 5.7 viewers.
  • Many of the artist prints are revealed for Celebration Europe.
  • Jay Laga'aia was announced to be the host of Celebration Europe and he will be joined by many other Star Wars celebrities.
  • Chris and Courtney Macht appeared on a Chicago news program to promote The Force Among Us.
  • Rick McCallum has stated in an interview that he has seen Star Wars footage in 3D.
  • Star Wars was featured in the AFI top 100 movies.
  • A R2-D2 mailbox was stolen in Kentucky.
  • A story recently surfaced about how George Lucas and Steven Spielberg exchanged a percentage of Star Wars and Close Encounters.
  • Del Rey's contract will expire soon and because of this, there have been talks about the future of Star Wars books.
  • A Wii lightsaber game is in the works.
  • Marc Ecko will be releasing a new Star Wars clothing line.
  • Jovial Jay enters the Cantina and takes the Yoda Qustionnaire.

Indiana Jones NewsEdit

  • ForceCast listener John S. is now an extra in Indiana Jones 4.
  • Bonus features are beginning to surface on Indiana Jones 4 featuring George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

Listener MailEdit

  • Makenzie from Japan thanks the ForceCast for their Celebration IV coverage because he couldn't make it to the convention.
  • Sky corrects Jay for pronouncing his nake wrong.
  • Will from New Jersey talks about getting a Star Wars gift from his student.
  • Stan Stice writes about when a young boy recognized Ralph McQuarrie's art.
  • Jack (the winner of the Star Wars Celebrity) thanks the ForceCast for playing his song on the show.
  • Bidsaw thanks the ForceCast for contributing to his fandom.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Jason is away again this week to the ForceCast is hosted by Pete and Jay.


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