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June 15, 2012




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Weekly ForceCast: June 8, 2012

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Weekly ForceCast: June 22, 2012

This week Cris Macht returns to the ForceCast studios to tell us tales from the Redwood Forest and the latest on his film, The Force Within Us, Billy Dee defends Fear City, and Jar Jar causes a ruckus at the Glee prom. Plus, a big Celebration Update, including more guest and party announcements, and a prize drawing for a pair of tickets to all four days of the big show itself!


  • Cris Macht


  • Cris Macht discusses his next movie, The Force Among Us, and his filming experience in California's Redwood Forest.
  • Jimmy gives away three more sets of ForceCast trading cards. This week's winners are Seth Spurlock, Adam Marc Leonard, and Sherly Lopez. Cris Macht then chooses Adam to also win a pair of Celebration VI four-day passes. Jimmy also promises a trading card set to Joey in Tuscon, AZ, who took Jimmy up on his offer and recorded a video of himself pretending to pick up a prescription for midichlorians at CVS.
  • Jason plays the latest installment in Stephen Stanton's "Uncle Moralo's Bedtime Stories" series.
  • Billy Dee Quote of the Week
    • Billy Dee played a cop in the 1984 film Fear City. The clip comes from the movie's trailer, because Jimmy has been unable to obtain a copy of the movie.
    • In other Billy Dee news, listener Patrick wrote in to mention a Lando Calrissian action figure joke on the Syfy TV show Being Human.
  • Star Wars in Pop Culture
    • Sue Sylvester made a Jar Jar joke on Glee.
  • Headline News
  • Celebration Update
    • TheForce.Net's Dajuan joins Jason and Jimmy to discuss the TFN Party at CVI, which is scheduled for Thursday, August 23, 2012 from 8pm-12am at the Wyndham Orlando.
    • More guests have been announced for Celebration VI, including Amy Allen, Bonnie Piesse, Christopher Malcom, Garrick Hagon, Jake Lloyd, Kenny Baker, Ben Burtt, Jon Berg, and Lorne Peterson.

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