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November 13, 2012

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November 16, 2012




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More Star Wars: Episode 7 news and rumors, TF.N founder Scott Chitwood in the Cantina, Billy Dee goes back to Sesame Street and much, much more.



  • Jimmy does an investigative report about James Earl Jones' audible breathing during the Death Star conference room scene with Tarkin. This sparks a discussion about whether Vader was able to partially breathe with his own lungs.
  • Jimmy reviews The Clone Wars Season Four Blu-ray set.
  • The Billy Dee Quote of the Week
    • Williams appeared with Big Bird on an episode of Sesame Street in the 1980s.
  • Jason and Jimmy go "in the cantina" with TheForce.Net co-founder Scott Chitwood.
  • Headline News
    • The only confirmed piece of Episode VII news is that Michael Arndt is writing the screenplay. Arndt wrote Little Miss Sunshine (for which he won an Oscar) and Toy Story 3. "It seems to me," Jason says, "that the next logical step is to announce the director."
    • When asked if he would direct Episode VII, Steven Spielberg said no, describing Star Wars as "not my genre." Jason and Jimmy agree that Spielberg's answer gave him some leeway and concluded that he would be a good candidate for the job. Jason reads Episode VII comments from other famous directors, including J.J. Abrams, Joe Johnston, and Jon Favreau.
    • As for reactions from the Star Wars cast:
      • Billy Dee Williams posted a message of support for George Lucas on his Facebook page.
      • Mark Hamill told Entertainment Weekly that it was "a shock" when Disney announced that it was buying Lucasfilm. He did add, though, that Lucas told him and Carrie Fisher about his plans for the Sequel Trilogy last summer.
      • A source close to Harrison Ford said that the actor was "open to the idea" of appearing in Episode VII.
      • TMZ caught up with Carrie Fisher and asked her if she wanted to be in Episode VII. She replied, "Yes. Sure. Wouldn't you?"
      • TMZ also found Samuel L. Jackson and asked him what he thought of the Disney deal. "He got cheated," Jackson said of Lucas' $4 billion payment.
      • Jimmy Smits commented on the Disney deal and the news of Episode VII, saying "If they want to call, let them call" and "It's great that [Star Wars] will kind of live on in a different kind of incarnation."

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