The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

October 13, 2010

Date released

October 15, 2010




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  • J.W. Rinzler on his book The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
  • Ewok actor Felix Silla receiving the news that his Ewok from Episode VI had been named


  • Jimmy Mac plays listener-requested quotes played through the "Vader Yourself" iPhone app
    • "Amy Allen in shreds": Jimmy was asked to have Vader talk about Amy Allen. "The beautiful Amy Allen in shreds."
    • "Where is Curto?": Jimmy was asked to redo his famous "Where's Curto?" line. "Where is Curto? Is he safe? Is he alright?"
    • Darth Ziro: Jimmy was requested to do an impression of Ziro the Hutt in the Vader Yourself iPhone app. "A senator? In this neighborhood? My nephew, Jabba's son's been kidnapped."
  • Star Wars in Pop Culture
    • An audio clip from the TV show L.A. Ink featuring actor Dominic Monaghan getting a Star Wars tattoo on his arm. The tattoo featured Yoda's TESB line, "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."

Significant quotesEdit

  • "Quotes goes here" - Speaker's name SponsorshipEdit

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